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The basic definition of rubik's cube


Rubik's Cube, also known as Rubik's Cube or Rubik's Cube, was first invented in 1974 by professor erno Rubik of Budapest school of architecture, Hungary. Rubik's cube is a hand extreme sport. Taiwan is called the magic cube and Hong Kong is called the twist roll.

Rubik's Cube in its narrow sense refers to the third-order Cube. The third-order cube shape is usually a cube, made of elastic hard plastic. Racing is the process of breaking the rubik's cube and restoring it in the shortest possible time. The official world record for the 3rd order rubik's cube as of May 2018 is 4.22 seconds (once) held by Feliks Zemdegs from Australia.

In a broad sense, rubik's cube can refer to all kinds of geometric objects that can be disturbed and restored through rotation.

Rubik's cube, along with huarong road and independent diamond chess, has been called the three great wonders of the intelligence game field by foreign intelligence experts, and the popularity of rubik's cube is the miracle of the intelligence game field.