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Is order rubik's cube


The second order rubik's cube

The second order Cube is called Pocket Rubik's Cube or Mini Cube. It has two squares on each side, one of the official versions of rubik's cube has a side length of 40mm, and the other, an axial second-order rubik's cube developed by dongxian, has a length of 50mm. Second order rubik's cube of the total number of changes for 3674160, or about 3.67 * 10 ^ 6. Pocket Cube, also called Pocket Cube, mini Cube, small Cube and ice Cube Cube Cube, is a 2-by-2-by-2 Cube structure. There are only eight corners in itself, and there are no other structures. The structure is similar to the third order rubik's cube, because it has no central block, so the imaginary center method and the formula of restoring the third order rubik's cube can be used to restore it.

Third-order rubik's cube

The official name of the third order Cube in English is Rubik's Cube, which is named after professor Rubik's name. It has three squares on each side. The official version of rubik's cube has a length of 57mm. The x3 ^ 8 x12! X2 ^ 12)/(2 x2x3) = 43252003274489856000 or approximately equal to 4.3 x10 ^ 19. The third-order rubik's cube of the six central block is connected to a central axis, and eight Angle blocks, 12 edge blocks, when they join together to form a whole, and does not affect the level of any one can turn to the other squares. The third-order cube is the most common in life, and in March 2011, a new third-order cube, bread, appeared, breaking the conventional design of the third-order cube.

Currently, the third-order dimensions of mainstream racing speed are mostly 55-57mm.

Fourth order rubik's cube

The name of Rubik's Revenge is Rubik's Revenge. Relative to the third order will be much more complex, its composition is divided into two categories, category center is a sphere, small pieces of each peripheral connecting the center of the ball slide rail, when movement can slide along the direction of force on the slide. The second category is the axis as the core of the fourth order rubik's cube, actually this kind of four order rubik's cube is hidden in the middle of the five order rubik's cube, as the small parts inside the blocks of five order side of the heart and edge blocks, axial locking to prevent more bumps on the device. As the second form of racing speed, the fourth-order rubik's cube moves fast and is not easily stuck in high speed rotation. The official version of the fourth-order rubik's cube is about 67 mm on the side and 60 mm on the Mefferts. Fourth order rubik's cube is considered to be 2-5 order rubik's cube in the worst recovery, although may order the change of the rubik's cube species, more than 4 order but order 4 rubik's cube at the center of the block is not fixed, and will not be able to use the general method of healing. A total of 7401196841564901869874093974498574336000000000 fourth order rubik's cube change.

Five order rubik's cube

Five order rubik's Cube English name is called the Professor 's Cube, literal translation is "experts (play) the rubik's Cube", a total of three kinds of structure in the world of the five order rubik's Cube, the Chinese Taiwan east of xian M5, Hungary rubik R5, Greece Olimpic V5.

The difficulty of the fifth order rubik's cube is relatively high. The fifth order rubik's cube has 8 pieces of corners, 72 pieces of edges (two types) and 54 pieces of center (48 pieces can be moved and 6 pieces fixed). The central block of the fifth order rubik's cube is a 3 by 3 structure, so it has 4 central blocks in each color, which is equivalent, that is, the changing state of the central block is (24! (4! 6)) 2. The position of its 24 outer side blocks cannot be moved at will, so there are 24 in total! A state of change. Eleven of the 12 central edge blocks can be swapped, so there's a total of 12! Over 2 times 211 different states. Five order rubik's cube change state of the total number is 282870942277741856536180333107150328293127731985672134721536000000000000000.

Our country produced the fifth order magic cube of complete closure, it is a great innovation of science and technology.

Six order rubik's cube

The sixth order rubik's cube is produced by the Greek Olimpic square company. The corner block is slightly larger than the center block and the edge block is slightly rectangular. Square itself evaluation is not very good, common evaluation for easy fly edge (refers to in the process of recovery of rubik's cube of rubik's cube in some part of the rubik's cube out of the situation above, if it is in the game, as invalid recovery process). In order to prevent lock, click device is set inside the box, but at the same time, it is seriously affected by the feeling of opponent. It is usually polished by a series of friends, which can greatly reduce the sense of bump and the chance of many pop.

The seven order rubik's cube

Rubik's cube is manufactured by Greek Olimpic square company. At the same time, it also has the collection, appreciation and practical value. The square itself is arc shape or cube.

"Master" production in our country the square of the seven order, divided into two types of specifications, and generous seven 7.75 cm in diameter, small party seven (exquisite seven order) 6.9 cm in diameter, a greater degree of meet the needs of the different players on the rubik's cube.

It takes a long time to invent a new high order rubik's cube, because we need to consider not only the feasibility of the project, but also the stability of the rubik's cube if it is made. It is for this reason that the seventh order cube is officially the highest order cube, and its structure is beyond the imagination of ordinary enthusiasts.

Eighth to seventeenth

Eighth order rubik's cube and higher order rubik's cube are not WCA events

Eight order rubik's cube as early as friends for "rubik's cube" magic "big butt" homemade (R structure of the fourth order and blue seven order to 8) 8 though is lower than 9 order first order, but its structure more complex than 9 order.

The domestic rubik's cube brand "holy hand" and "zhisheng" have developed the 8th order rubik's cube, but because of the structure, so the outer layer of rubik's cube is wider than the middle layer. And the whole cube looks like a cube.

Greek v-cube also introduced the eighth order rubik's Cube.

The 9th order rubik's cube is produced by shantou yongjun company. Its size is 7.5*7.5*7.5(cm).

The domestic holy hand also introduced the ninth order rubik's cube.

The magic cube of the 10th order is also produced by the magic cube of the holy hand, and the appearance of the 8th order is also a cube. The weight is about the same as the eleventh order.

The 11th order rubik's cube was officially launched by 108 of the first batch of yuxin, measuring about 11.7cm in size and weighing about 1kg. Less easy to break off; The center shaft is made of nylon.

Twelve-order rubik's cube of friends "Leslie Le" self-control, released on TP abroad such as BBS, no BBS published at home, so there are quite a few friends do not know, and producer itself did not show the meaning of want to be famous, low-key. You can find the 12th order rubik's cube on the Internet.

The thirteenth order rubik's cube was first mass produced by yongjun's magic circle

The 17th order rubik's cube was first mass produced by yu xin in 2017.

The higher order

Other higher order rubik's cube, from the analysis of mass production, does not exist at present. But there are very enthusiastic, fanatical folk who will make it themselves, and may make it. Video test shows that the highest order rubik's cube is the 22nd order rubik's cube (up to 2016). In video, it can be seen that rubik's cube can rotate normally in all directions, which is amazing. As the power of the beholder grows, more and more advanced rubik's cube can have the opportunity to meet you.

By 2017, the highest order is the unofficial 33rd order cube.