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Fourth order rubik's cube


Rubik's Revenge is the English name of the fourth-order Rubik's Revenge, which literally translates to "Rubik's Revenge". Compared with the third order, it is much more complex, and its composition is divided into two categories. One is a sphere in the center, and each peripheral small piece is connected to the slide track of the central ball, and will slide on the slide track along the direction of force when moving. The second kind is the fourth order rubik's cube with the axis as the core. In fact, this kind of fourth order Rubik's cube is the hidden middle level of the fifth order Rubik's cube. The internal small parts are the fifth order side center block and the middle edge block. As for the racing movement, the fourth order rubik's cube composed of the second kind moves fast and is not easy to get stuck in high-speed rotation.

The official version of the rubik's Cube is about 67mm on each side, while the Mefferts version is 60mm. The fourth order Rubik's cube is considered to be the most difficult to recover among 2-5 order Rubik's cube. Although there are more variation types of the fifth order Rubik's cube than that of the fourth order rubik's cube, the center block of the fourth order Rubik's cube is not fixed, so it cannot be restored in a general way.

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