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You don't know the seven benefits of rubik's cube


More than 20 years ago, rubik's cube conquered the world with her unique "magic", and achieved an unprecedented miracle in the toy industry with amazing sales. At that time, rubik's cube was not only praised as "the most educational toy", but also won "the 1980 best game invention award" and "one of the 100 most influential inventions of the 20th century".

Now there are many kinds of rubik's cube, there are entry-level rubik's cube, but also a lot of advanced professional rubik's cube, a wide variety of difficulty levels are not the same. If you can master the basic, universal, and standard third order rubik's cube, there are higher levels of the fourth, fifth, and now up to eleven. But after mastering the method, the method is the same. In addition to the standard rubik's cube, there are many alien rubik's cube for you to choose.

Today, rubik's cube has entered our leisure realm. She is re-recognized by people with the characteristics of intelligence, fitness and brain fitness. Rubik's cube is not only a puzzle toy, but also a teaching tool, a competitive sporting goods. If you want to say goodbye to your mobile phone or computer, choose a rubik's cube.

Play rubik's cube to exercise your seven skills:

1. Eyesight; At the very beginning, the most basic third order rubik's cube has a variety of changes, with the eyes to observe, identify the location of each rubik's cube.

2. Endurance; When playing rubik's cube, there is no master method, figure out the method, we will always turn not back, the more anxious want to turn out, the more can't turn out. At this point, we need some patience to overcome, slowly to understand.

3. Hand; Turning rubik's cube requires both hands, which can exercise the flexibility and coordination of hands.

Memory; 4. When you start to recover the rubik's cube, you need a good memory to memorize some formulas, and you will practice more when you want to improve your reduction speed.

5. Spatial judgment ability; When turning a rubik's cube, always imagine how the cube can be reduced. In this process of imagination, you exercise your spatial judgment ability.

6. Attention; The reduction of rubik's cube, we need to focus, if it is their own thinking, will be more fun, immersed in the reduction of the magic world.

7. Reaction speed; Train the players' reaction speed when racing in professional rubik's cube.

Rubik's cube in particular can quickly exercise spatial thinking ability, is a rare human brain sports activities. Playing rubik's cube is a smart and fashionable leisure activity. If you are a boy, in 1 minute will be a third order rubik's cube reduction, is easy to get the favor of girls around yo!

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