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Valk 3 Power Frequently Asked Questions


Valk 3 Power Frequently Asked Questions


Q:What is the difference between the Power Single Reward and the Power Annual Reward?

A: The Power Single Reward is an award given to any competitor that achieves the fastest single 3x3 result in a WCA sanctioned competition using a Valk3 Power or Valk3 Power M. Winners for the Power Annual Rewards are selected from the list of cubers that qualified to win Power Single Rewards. The top three cubers with the best results will be selected.


Q: How do I know that my application was successful?

A: As this event is run worldwide, there will be many cubers applying for rewards. If your application satisfies all our conditions, we will reach out to you via message within one week. If you have not heard from us within one week, it means that your application was not successful.


Q: What is the timeline for applying?

A: Cubers have up to three working days (inclusive) to apply for a reward after a competition concludes. For example, if a competition concludes on 12/1, cubers will have from 12/2-12/5 to apply for a reward.


Q: If I had the fastest result of a competition but another cuber claimed the Power Single Reward, is it possible to select a winner again?

A:We encourage all cubers to apply during the three-day window given to them. The Power Single Reward will be awarded to the cuber with the fastest result. We cannot select a winner again once applications close.